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Black Bear Hunts Quebec
Quebec Black Bear Hunts Quebec Bear HuntsQuebec Black Bear Hunts

Black Bear Hunting In Quebec


During the month of June, Turnpike Ridge Outfitters offer spring black bear hunts in quebec canada. The Quebec black bear hunts are offered in four separate areas in Quebec's Cote Nord (North Side). The Cote Nord has long been known for its speckled trout fishing, rough and beautiful Quebec mountains and untapped Quebec trophy black bear resources.


Quebec's black bear harvest format of one black bear for 50 square kilometers keeps success rates at a high level and insures many above average sized black bear. Each area will be hunted one week only with an average of three active baits per hunter.

Turnpike Ridge Outfitters 2000 to 2011 combined success was 90% kill and 96% who took at least one shot at a black bear.


Our spring black bear hunts are 5 days and 6 nights. Our bait areas are set up with either ground blinds or tree stands that average 10 feet in height with an average distance of shot being 35 to 50 yards. Bow stands are between 12 and 17 yards form the bait and approximately 12 feet high.

Quebec Black Bear Hunting Lodge


Effective June 1, 2009, U.S. customers will require a passport for entry into the United States by land. Most passport applications are processed within 30 to 60 days, so promptness on your behalf will ensure completion in time for your trip.

Spring Bear Hunts Quebec: $1,500 U.S. Per Person
Canadian hunts including lodging. All lodging has fully equipped
kitchen facilities.
License cost is $140 U.S.
Once a kill has been made and you have your pictures taken, our qualified guides will skin and freeze your hide for shipment and assist you in boning and preparing your meat for your trip home. We recommend you contact your taxidermist before your trip or we can make arrangements for you. There is no additional charge for
trophy care.

Guided Quebec Black Bear Hunts

PLEASE NOTE: Quebec Laws require proof of hunter safety course or previous hunting license from any state to purchase a hunting license. Fluorescent orange is required for all spring hunts. All firearms must be registered upon entry at the cost of $25 Canadian funds.

To: Forestville, Quebec, Canada Click Here

Bear Hunting in Canada


A deposit of one-half of the hunt cost is required to confirm the hunt. Remaining payment is due by May 1st of scheduled hunt year. Deposits are non-refundable but are transferable to another person. During shows we will hold spots for $200 down with the remainder of deposit due within 10 working days.

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Black Bear Hunts in Maine